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Is There a Market for Gaming Smartphones?

Gamers are a huge market for many companies in the tech industry. There is no doubt about that. If you were to go onto Amazon and type in the words gaming into the electronic category, you would get so many results.

Gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headphones, gaming headsets, gaming controllers, it is an endless list! But what about gaming smartphones? The truth is that even though brand new smartphones with crazy specs keep coming out, there is not a concentrated effort to target gamers in this market.

Gaming Smartphones

What is a gaming smartphone? It would be a phone that is targeting gamers through its features. There was a Razer phone released in 2017. It came with a 120 Hz high refresh rate screen, impressive RAM and storage, a great processor and some very good battery life. And now we have the Asus ROG phone that is also promising to target gamers with its features.

But is there a market for these phones?

Are Gaming Phones Worth the Money?

The question to ask is whether these phones are worth the money. Yes, you can buy a gaming phone for between $600 to $1000. A couple models are on the market and more are inevitably on the way. But are they worth it? Yes you get some features to help you play mobile games. But you are still limited to mobile games.

The truth is that gamers have other options for portable gaming. The Nintendo Switch is very popular as a gaming device. It is not the size of a smartphone, but it is small enough to put in a backpack or purse and take around. Gamers could get that for $300 instead of spending three times as much on a new gaming phone.

Gaming phones may have wonderful specs that will get better each year. But one issue remains unresolved – mobile games. The limitation on being able to play mobile games is what will cause these phones to fail. Android games are fun in a pinch, but they are not high quality. These games are focused on making money through microtransactions, not giving a stunning gaming experience.

Unless you are someone who has a lot of money, wants a top of the line smartphone and loves mobile gaming, you are not getting much out of a gaming smartphone.

It is probably the reason why the top manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung do not care about releasing gaming smartphones. Some companies are trying, such as Razer and Asus. But whether they are successful is anyone’s guess. Our thoughts? They will not be successful, as the market for such a device is too small.