Keeping up with the latest IT and smartphone news is no easy task. There is a new story coming out every few days – or at least that is how it seems. It can feel overwhelming if you are trying to get your information from many different sources. How do you know what articles are accurate? How do you find the journalists and sources that you can trust?

When I started this magazine, I had a simple goal. I am a huge fan of computers, smartphones and the latest technology. If there is a new and interesting technology, I want to know about it. And I want accurate information. And I knew that I was not alone in this desire. It is why I decided to create a brand new magazine that would be dedicated to IT and smartphone news.

The success of the magazine is entirely down to our readers. You have embraced us from the very first issue. The comments and suggestions we get every month are overwhelming in their kindness. Even when people have something negative to say about our recent issue, they provide constructive criticism that we use to improve future editions!

We are focused on expanding our areas of interest in the coming months. We want to tackle more news about the gaming industry, while we also want to focus on virtual reality. But there is no doubt that smartphone and general tech news will continue to be at the forefront of our issues. The latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices and Chinese smartphones are a source of great interest to our readers – and we will continue to report on these devices.

Whether you are seeking breaking news, in-depth profiles, device reviews or general tech news, we have you covered. Our team of talented editors, full time writers and freelancers is committed to making each issue better than the previous one!